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Helmut Debelius


Indian Ocean & Red Sea Fish Guide


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This tablet app includes the species of fish that are included in Helmut Debelius' famous determination books Reef guide Red Sea and Indian Ocean Reef Guide. Overall, approximately 650 species using over 900 images (a lot of them are new) are presented.


The app is bilingual and contains both German and English texts. The fish families and species can be quickly visually assigned to on the basis of icons. There is a trilingual register (English, German, Latin) which allows you to quickly find the species on the basis of their name.


The individual species are linked, with the distribution maps of the site, providing there are maps available.




– Fish species of two determination books in one app

– Bilingual: English and German

– Index of the English, German and scientific names

– Approximately 650 species and over 900 images (a lot of them new)

– Pictures of various coloring of males, females, and juveniles

– Linking with the distribution maps of AquaMaps

– It is possible to bookmark

– Full text search for species and locations

– Easy to compare similar species